In recent weeks I have become hugely fascinated by celebrities who have lifestyle or personal blogs. I love to read about their daily lives from their own perspective. I’m definitely from the generation of reality telly and knowing everything and anything about the famous people around us – hello, Daily Mail!

But I personally think, where a celebrity has the chance to write in their own words what they think or are passionate about is a much better read than journalists just trying to jazz up an article.

I’ve always been able to retain useless celeb gossip and tid bits. It’s a talent I have. Bloody useless in the grand scheme of things, unless I plan to become a Celeb Goss Pub Quiz Champion or write a book about Celebrity Facts. It’s just information that I absorb and retain. Completely sad.

Some of my top favourites:

Katherine Heigl

Blake Lively – Now taken down. I was sad when this blog died.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Whitney Port

Lauren Conrad

Reese Witherspoon

Alicia Silverstone

Do you follow any famous folk online? I mean, apart from stalking their Instagram feed. I’d love to hear of more lifestyle blogs.

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