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Rash zone

My skin hates me. It makes no sense because I’m now living in Australia and therefore my skin sees the sun and I’m washing my face in clean, non-hard water. Surely I should have been having these issues while living in London!

Hair on toes

I ask you: what’s it’s purpose? Some say it shows you have great blood circulation – the fact you can grow hair all the way down at the bottom tip of your body. Well whoopee do. I find it more an annoyance than a miracle.

Birchbox: December review

I received my December Birchbox surprise in the post last week and was thrilled with the contents. I’ll admit I can be useless with these packages – I think I’m most excited about the opening of the box and looking to find out what’s inside. more »

Sunday pampering

Today (Sunday) I spent an indulgent day pampering myself. My other half was otherwise disposed with his mates, I could have called a friend to hang out but days alone with no plans can be rare so I decided to use the day for myself. more »