This week I am on a pescetarian voyage to cleanse my insides and improve my general wellbeing. Side note – while reading up on this I found another term for it: “vegequarian” which I fucking love!

I’ve never tried a meat-free diet before so I am intrigued to see how I go. In all honesty, there are so many fish and shellfish options about these days that you really don’t feel like you’re missing out. Especially as I am doing the lenient pescetarian diet, in which I can still eat eggs and the odd bit of cheese. I know that Phil is currently panicked, he thinks we’re one step away from veganism. Which is a definite no-go for him, or me, because bacon. Please note this is purely an experiment for myself, I am not saying that not eating chicken or red meat is better for you – simply that I wanted to challenge myself and see how I feel. I have been reading so much lately on vegetarianism and veganism and am genuinely interested in the theories behind both, whilst I know I’m not doing either properly I am simply testing the waters. Also, I know I have referred to it as a “challenge” and you’re thinking, “WTF Bron, it’s ONE WEEK and you’re still eating cheese!” I know… but for me it’s more the challenge of introducing more seafood and fish into my diet and relying on them as a protein source, than removing meat.

We’re off to Edinburgh this weekend for the Military Tattoo and I think that will be the hardest part as when you’re on holiday (well, I know when I am) it’s easier to go a bit wild and not pay attention to what you’re eating. It’s like all common sense goes out the window and you simply must have a bottle of wine to wash down that deep-fried Mars bar. BUT this weekend I have decided I will not be eating and drinking(!) everything willy nilly, instead sticking to my pescetarian challenge.

Check back at the end of the week for my thoughts and results. I am maintaining the gym throughout the week too. I went last night, thinking not be able to workout (I’m always this melodramatic), alas, I was wrong. I got through my workout and once home I enjoyed a piece of lemon sole, salad and sweet potato. Tonight is salmon night.


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