As I’ve mentioned before, preparation is key to eating well and keeping your life in balance. Life is busy. I take time each week to plan out my meals – it soothes me. So for weekday mornings when I need to join the rat race and hit London’s financial island (Canary Wharf) I like to have breakfast ready for me, so as not to delay my start to the day.

I’m always on the hunt for quick or pre-prepared Whole30 breakfasts, so here are some of my favourites, plus a few I have bookmarked to try. I have specified those that are egg free – because if you’re like me, eggs become a very big part of your Whole30 dietary intake and it’s important to find dishes that don’t include them so you don’t get sick of them.

  1. Smoked salmon, baby spinach and boiled eggs
  2. Breakfast frittata
  3. Sweet potato hash with sausage and eggs
  4. Breakfast salad
  5. Avocado baked egg
  6. Chia pudding with banana and macadamia nuts (egg free)
  7. Egg muffins with bacon and chives
  8. Uova in Purgatorio (pictured above)
  9. Sweet potato toasts with avocado, bacon and a poached egg
  10. Ground beef with sweet potato hash (egg free)
  11. BLT Breakfast salad
  12. Zucchini and sweet potato latkes
  13. Continental breakfast; ham, olives, cucumber, tomatoes and boiled eggs
  14. Mixed berry chia pudding (egg free)
  15. Breakfast pizza
  16. Italian spaghetti squash
  17. Mango and coconut chia pudding, with fresh raspberries (egg free)
  18. Boiled eggs and fresh spinach with Paleo mayo infused with dill and lemon
  19. Banana splits; topped with almond butter, blueberries, nutmeg and cinnamon (egg free)
  20. Breakfast lasagne
  21. Chicken and kale breakfast hash (egg free)

If you have any tried and tested breakfast ideas I’m totally keen to hear them.

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