Month: June 2018

better work stories

Better work stories

Thankfully work is starting to ease up. Not the volume of stuff that needs to be done. But the difficulty level is easing. This old gal finally has her brain in check and shit is sinking in.

Birthday eve

Tomorrow marks my 34th (eeek!) birthday. I seriously have no clue when I got so old. But I do feel older, I’ll admit. On this eve, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the highs and lows of the past 12 months.

Lost within the pages

I‘ve decided Finance and Investment Banking are not things I’ll be doing long term. I have said to friends before that I’d love to own a café and experience a more relaxed way of life. However, in reality a café would not be relaxing at more »

My 5 star books of 2018, so far…

For 2018 I kicked off my reading challenge with a goal of 35 books. I’m on track at the moment with over 400 listed in my ‘to-reads’. But! Not all books are created equal, here are my 5 star rated reads for the year so far: