Month: November 2016

Book Review: Black Rabbit Hall

This is a book that had been sitting on my Kindle for 15 months before I finally got around to reading it. Yes, I ordered this book in mid 2015. It would have been one I read about on Amazon and splurged on, then kind of forgot about. I can’t believe a gem like this was hidden away on my Kindle, because oh my God, what a gripping book! I devoured it in 10 days.

I love all things about old, historical, English estates and the families that fill them. This book had twists and turns I didn’t expect. It covered family secrets and sorrow and the coming of age for four siblings.

Jumping between the now and then, interlinking the two storylines together so cleverly you can’t help but warm to the characters. It’s an easy read, with great description of each character you feel you can see them.

I gave it 5 stars.



Whole 30: Week three in review

Week three of Whole 30 was yet another success, we stuck to it and I tried out even more yummy recipes that I’m keen to share. People are even noticing how different we look now – clear skin and eyes and even seeing the weight we’ve lost.

I’ve felt more energetic this week and have been out moving about – we’ve been on walks to and through Greenwich Park. I’ve been getting off the bus earlier to walk further. Little things, but they’re adding up and I’m feeling better for it.

With every week we complete the more my determination grows to continue eating the Whole 30 way for longer. It really makes me feel so much better and I’m enjoying cooking new recipes. We’ve decided to continue eating this way except for the odd night out or celebration. But definitely no more bottles of wine at home on a Monday night.

Plus, I’ve now lost a total of 4.3kgs (9.4lbs).

Baked salmon with spicy baked vegetables and macadamia nuts
Baked salmon with spicy baked vegetables and macadamia nuts
Bacon, vege, lemon, chilli courgetti
Bacon, vege, lemon, chilli courgetti
Autumnal roast lamb
Autumnal roast lamb
Cardamom + sea salt ganache tart
Cardamom + sea salt ganache tart

Fireworks weekend

This Saturday was Guy Fawkes – we had friends over for dinner before heading out to watch fireworks near us. Because we’re still eating Whole 30, I offered to cook (takes away all temptation to be naughty) my Thai green curry recipe with cauliflower rice. I had offered to make normal boiled rice for my buds, but they were keen to try it with cauliflower rice – they thoroughly enjoyed!

After dinner we headed out for the fireworks, and even had fun with our own sparklers. Forever a child inside!


It was absolutely freezing outside so after our fireworks and sparkler fun we came home to a Cardomom and sea salt ganache tart I had whipped up earlier from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cookbook. A slice of tart and a hot cup of tea was just what everyone was after and it went down a treat. It just shows, with a little bit of effort you can still cook for a dinner party/group of friends who may be sceptical of your Whole 30 eating plan – but wow them with the outcome.