There comes a time when you really just want to have a sweet treat to kill those cravings before they get out of control. As long as you’re careful about what “sweet” treat you pick, you can do this without breaking from the Whole30 program.

I, personally, try and limit baked-goods-imitations because I feel like they can be a gateway treat to eating a donut. Instead I try and focus on fresh ingredients that are 80% fruit. My ultimate go-to treat is the first one; grilled pineapple has SO MUCH FLAVOUR. Sometimes I’ll change it up by sprinkling coconut or sliced almonds on top.

These ones below I have checked and double checked to make sure they do fit within the program. Most of them I have tried in the past, but there’s a few I need to give a go in the coming weeks.

  1. Grilled pineapple with cinnamon and a squeeze of lime
  2. Date, cacao and coconut balls
  3. Warm cinnamon apples
  4. Keep frozen bananas in your freezer, ready to whiz them into banana ice cream
  5. Grilled peaches and coconut cream
  6. Pineapple and lime popsicles
  7. Cardamom and sea salt ganache tart
  8. Strawberries with coconut cashew crumble
  9. Watermelon sorbet
  10. Monkey salad – bananas, blueberries, nuts, and almond butter, finished with cinnamon and coconut
  11. Peach or pear turkey roll-ups
  12. Fried green plantains with mango avocado salsa
  13. Coconut and pistachio stuffed dates
  14. Coconut almond butter truffles
  15. A hot cup of coffee made with coconut milk, with a sprinkle of cinnamon

What’s your go-to sweet treat?

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