Wedding shredding

October 25, 2017

While I don’t completely agree with the idea of a crash diet to be slimmer on your wedding day, compared to any other day, I do understand that looking and feeling your best becomes a bigger priority on such occasions. Photos that you’ll have for ever and all that… So while I’m not getting married (one day…) I did have a small meltdown earlier because it’s just 21 weeks until my friend’s wedding, in which I have been intrusted to be a…

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Toronto, day 1-3

October 20, 2017

Day one. We flew to Toronto on Tuesday morning from Manchester, after spending the weekend with the in-laws (both mine and Phil’s – meet the parents event). Our flight was a reasonable 12:20 time, with us arriving in Toronto at 15:00 local time. I was so impressed by how easy everything was (we were let in the country!)…

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Travel essentials

September 6, 2017

With our big North American adventure just 19 days away, I have been scouring the Internet and shops for must needed travel items. Neither Phil or I have been on a trip over two weeks for a very long time, and the last one we did was to New Zealand to see my family – so that doesn’t really count. We shouldn’t really need too many ‘travel items’ as we don’t have children, but I am a sucker for an…

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Daily Food

I fucking failed fish week.

August 22, 2017

One task. Well apart from work, the gym, loving my boyfriend and not eating sugar. All I had to do was not eat meat, just fish and seafood. I failed. It was a total brain fart moment too. We were grabbing snacks for the train to Edinburgh and I was trying to be conscious of not having any sugar and complex carbs. So I grabbed carrots, hummus and CHICKEN. Absolute fail. And you know what? I didn’t even realised I had broken…

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