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Wine tasting in Hunter Valley

For our friend’s recent birthday we hit the road for a weekend in Hunter Valley. Phil and I were spoilt as our friends own a car in Sydney so they offered to drive us. God, how I have missed the charm of a road trip. Living in London for six years without a car, you forget how easy and marvellous it is to be able to jump in a car and head out for a weekend.

We stayed in the south part of the region, in Cessnock. At times Cessnock felt a bit ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, but for the locale to vineyards and price our AirBnB was a steal! Simply put, it was a large metal barrel.Read More

Impulse buying, drugs and face cream.

For six weeks, to the day, I have been taking antibiotics (doxyline) and using only fragrance-free Cetaphil face wash and moisturiser to rid my skin of rosacea and it’s bloody boring. I miss the beautiful scents of my treasured skincare products which are stashed in our bathroom cabinet (annoying Phil with their space-taking) and wishing to see sunlight again. The intoxicating scent of geranium oil, rosemary extract and evening primrose oil are so calming after a long day and feel amazing on your skin as your head hits the pillow ready for sleep. Instead, I currently go to bed with my face smelling like plastic.Read More

The soup series: sweet potato and broccoli

Now, when following a paleo/Whole30 diet (as I’m now trying to do following my rosacea discovery) you find yourself buying kilo upon kilo of sweet potato. After you’ve mashed it, roasted it and baked it as fries you can find it tough to get inspired. What’s next? SOUP! The idea of sweet potato soup bamboozled me. I know it shouldn’t though, because hello potato and leek! Why can’t there be a sweet potato option? Enter, Jamie Oliver.Read More

Birthday eve

Tomorrow marks my 34th (eeek!) birthday. I seriously have no clue when I got so old. But I do feel older, I’ll admit. On this eve, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the highs and lows of the past 12 months. Read More

Lost within the pages

I‘ve decided Finance and Investment Banking are not things I’ll be doing long term. I have said to friends before that I’d love to own a café and experience a more relaxed way of life. However, in reality a café would not be relaxing at all – it would be 5am wake-ups and annoying customers. So instead, my growing interest in books and reading has lead me to think I’d like to own a bookshop. I would love the satisfaction of finding someone a book they adored once they told me of their interests or what style of book really tickles their fancy (travel, food, erotic fiction, historical – or maybe they’re just my favourites).Read More